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The Perfect Media for the Perfect News

The media is a strong social system that allows not only to disseminate information, but also to highlight it at a certain angle. As a rule, any powerful tool that allows you to influence the consciousness of the masses implies the presence of the owner, who in turn has a justification for the existence of the situation and the priorities placed in it.

The Birth

As an illustration, consider the development of the media (media) and their social role in retrospect.Thus, in England of the 16th – 17th centuries, authoritarian theory was widely used to substantiate the actions of the mass media1. Its main goal was to support and implement the policies of the current government, as well as service the state. A similar picture was shown, several centuries later, in the Soviet Union, when the task of the media was to promote the success as well as support of the socialist system. Both in the first and in the second case, only the elected had the right to use the media: in England, the holders of the royal patent, in the USA — loyal members of the party. In these examples, we can see a spiraling movement in the history of the development of the media, which is characteristic of the media system at the later stages. After 1688 England adopted the libertarian theory of justification for its media. In the USSR, something similar happened in 1985. The goals of these periods coincided – to inform, entertain and sell, but mostly to help find the truth and control the government. As a result, anyone who had money was able to use the media. With the help of the tourist link hub the things are clear now.

The Decision

The next stage in the development of relations between the media and society is characterized by a theory of social responsibility. The purpose of the work of the media was to inform, entertainment and sale, but mainly to transfer the conflict to the level of discussion. The right to use the media got everyone who has something to say. A significant difference in the theory of social responsibility from other types of theories was the existence of social responsibility of the media, otherwise it is assumed that someone should force them to be so. This is what society is about. Modern media should be controlled by public opinion, professional ethics and consumer actions,. On the designated path of development, the media of Western European countries are currently passing.

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Ease the burden

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